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90s horror

Lately I've decided to collect and watch some 90s horror films. The general consensus is that the decade is pretty thin on the ground in quality and quantity of good horror, in comparison to the two decades before - perhaps even the decade after. Here's a short list of what I consider to be good 90s horror:

Jacob's Ladder
Ring (Japanese original)
Sleepy Hollow
Perfect Blue (anime)
Sixth Sense
Silence of the Lambs

Some would not consider JL or PB to be properly classified as horror, though I would (and I recommend them to anyone who has not seen them yet) . One film I hear a lot is the Italian zombie movie "Dellamorte Dellamore" (also known as "Cemetery Man") which is soon to be re-released on DVD over here, so I'll definitely check that out.

Anyone else have more suggestions? I'm generally not a fan of CG monsters or the slasher-parody flicks in the late 90s.
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