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Re: Who Else Loved Lieutenant Barclay?

I LOVE him. Me and brother both bought his action figure doll over any of the other cast members because hes a real person with the same imperfects, social awkardness, and lack of confidences that many dorky introverted people can relate to. I also thought his holo addiction was nice because u can see how the disease of addiction works. Some people really STILL dont understand that it is a DISEASE, and lots of ppls with addictions actions are not done to be mean, but its all part of the disease that controls them. No one takes a drink and wants to be an alcoholic, no one takes a hit of weed and wants to be a junkie. No body want to see boobs on the computer and become addicted to porn, but all these things are part of the disease of addiction. And this and the epidsode i nthe 1st season with the guy who played kirks son whose whole race was controlled by another because of this drug, were the only 2 next gen examples i can remember. so for me Barlclay has a lot to over come. Its interesting to see him deal with real problems on a ship with many "model" humans around him.
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