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Sorry, but I posted the moment I found out.
Oh no I was just laughing at the irony. But all is well, because I was able to get it to work.

I created my engineer and got the Enterprise stuff easy enough. I didn't try it out or anything. Just skipped the tutorial, got my stuff and went to bed. Though I haven't figured out how to get the skill boost. Typically with those things they send them to you in the mail, but I haven't received it yet.

I also went ahead and bought some more tokens to buy the extra character slots, so I have access to both when the ten days are up. I picked-up a Delta Flyer with the leftovers. I messed around with it some this morning. It sure is fun! Now I only hope Timelord decides to do another small craft event.

To be honest, I haven't read the user agreement since I started in 2010. I don't remember if there are any restrictions on having more that one account. One of my friends had 3 gold memberships (1 life and 2 recurring) for testing ship builds. However, I haven't seen him since SWTOR came out.
That's pretty hardcore. But usually with P2P games "multi-boxing" isn't against the rules. It's certainly frowned upon and considered discourteous to fellow players, but they're getting more money from those that do it. What do they care.

But several of the F2P games I've played (Including other PWE games) have it written in the EULA that it's against the rules.

Though I'm surprised your friend isn't getting sick of SWTOR. I know am, and I absolutely adore it. But for one thing there are still a lot of kinks it needs to work out, and it's one of those games where it's really easy to get burned out on over playing. I kind of did.

In fact, I'm seriously considering canceling my sub and just focusing on STO until the next major update which is supposed to be Late March early April.

Just curious if you work at WSMR. That's where I picked up this identity. I used to love working the research rocket missions.
Nope. Though it would be an awesome job to have. I was just never too good at the maths.

I love going down there though. White Sands itself is one of the coolest places on Earth IMO. You can toboggan in the middle of summer.

But I like going down there just because there's so much cool stuff that flies into Holloman on a regular basis. B-52s and Bones fly in an out of there all the time. I saw an F-117 there once and even a pair of F-22s last summer. My brother saw a B-2 there a while back; I wasn't with him, unfortunately.
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