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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Meridian (*)

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Here we are, the crème de la crème of romance-of-the-week episodes. Actually, that's an erroneous use of that phrase but I don't know the French word for santorum. The a-plot of this episode is absolutely awful, it has no redeming qualities. What could have been a mildly interesting sci-fi story about a village capable of shifting into an extra-dimensional plane gets hijacked by a romance story that's impossible to take seriously. This episode completely undermines Jadzia's character and turns a woman with eight lifetimes of experience into someone resembling a Twlight-loving teen girl. Hell, this episode undermines Sisko's character purely because he didn't hold Jadzia's head under water until she came to her senses. I don't want to talk about this any further, so I'll let Ira Behr have the final word:

Ira Behr wrote:
However, I did like the b-plot, and this is perhaps the only occasion where I was annoyed that the serious a-plot was getting in the way of the comic b-plot. You've got Quark doing something seedy, you've got Jeffrey Combs getting his perv on, and it has a great punchline. It's a little upsetting that a major issue like holographic image rights in the 24th century is played purely for laughs, but in this case I'm willing to let it slide because this story continually rescued me from the a-plot over the course of the 45 minutes.
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