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Re: Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Rise Like Lions review thread (spoiler

I voted 'Above Average.' I liked it, but it didn't blow me away as much as Destiny, for instance. Tho that may be because I haven't found Shards and Shadows yet, too *sigh* Anyway, I only really had two major gripes about this book:

One: Memory Omega does too much. They just... keeps handing the characters solutions to their problems, rather than having the rebels do the work. It feels very let-down-ish to a degree, tho Mack is a good enough writer to sell it, mostly.

Two: the Kes subplot. A left over from the Voyager tie in novel to MU, the Kes subplot is the only one that feels almost completely pointless to the plot. I'm guessing it was included to make the book as 'complete' as possible, but it seems to serve very little purpose. The only scene she DOES anything relevant seemed tacked on.

Anyway, a good, but not great novel, and I AM looking forward to any continuation.
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