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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

It seems to me the cynicism we saw from the past decade, NuBSG included, came out of the stress and uncertainty in the post-9/11 era, followed by the biggest financial tank since the Great Depression. As we move into this new decade, society seems to be wanting to move away from that darkness and into more uplifting subject matter. The populous gets tired of such mass depression after a while, says "enough" and starts trying to look towards the future - realizing that both swings of the pendulum are necessary for healthy evolution of a civilization, so long as the pendulum doesn't swing too far, either in the direction of unrealistic and flowery naivete or dark and nihilistic self-destruction. The current attitude of society as a whole can be directly reflected in modern media. New shows like "Once Upon A Time" and "Terra Nova" (regardless of opinions on quality or longevity or whatnot) have started to take a more positive view of humanity - either by revisiting a simpler time of existence or "starting over" in a new world.

Right now, I don't think NuBSG could sell as a series. The public consciousness isn't in the right state for that any more. TOS BSG, conceptually, may work better now that the pendulum is swinging more in that direction. I'm thinking B&C may exhibit more TOS-esque values, showing more traditional good-vs-evil archetypes, as opposed to ubiquitous moral relativism.

Two of my favorite shows, Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine, in my opinion, showed just the right mix of the darkness of humanity vs the greatness of the same (reflecting much of the mixed-transition attitude of the 90's which spawned them); the former overcoming the latter without being overly simplistic or contrived. B&C should take that path in order to succeed.

Just my recommendation/prediction...
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