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Re: STO Trek BBS Fleet

Only if you plan on actually buying all that stuff, though. If you're not buying multiple costumes for each character, and running lots of characters, pick fewer ships, a lot of that money drops out. Buying a few more bank slots, an occasional ship, etc. might end up being a lot cheaper. Those cost estimates usually assume no self control and buying everything available, all the time.

Using 1000 days also assumes this thing goes strong for 3 more years, and you want to play the whole time. Honestly, we're celebrating the 2nd anniversary, and they jsut wrapped up taking an entire year off from any real new content to play with. STFs get boring REALLY fast, so after a point, you're going to get burned out if they don't start dropping content a LOT faster. 2 FEs a year isn't going to cut it. At 5 episodes a FE, that's less than one 30-40 minute episode per month.

Cryptic has gotta step up their game, or once the F2P novelty wears off, they'll be back where they were at the end of last year, but without a new gimmick on the horizon to pretend they are focusing on, and nothing left to save the ship...
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