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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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having a lot of connection problems tonight, so going to give up on it...

once we've gone through the Odyssey shakedown cruise stuff, I'll start organising STF's for people with characters above Lv 45

Sounds like fun. I've just started getting back into the STF's and would like to get the MACO gear. I'm running the elite KA space mission as it is one of the easier ones to run on elite, and the elite missions give higher gear. I've gone through the walkthrough on the STOwiki site and have a better understanding of the option objectives. I would recommend that people read those walkthroughs before entering an STF so that you know what the goals are. With a lot of new people entering the game, you get people running around shooting at everything they see. Looking forward to running some STF's with our fleet.
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