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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

As Bajorans go, Mardah was really cute.

As for the main part of the episode I think of this episode a bit like this:
So the writers were asking themselves how they could write another story about the Dominion. So which aspect of the Dominion do they pick? Can't be Founders because they have already covered it recently, the Vorta seem a bit too dull (and this is before Weyoun arrived), so what about the Jem'Hadar?

So they picked the Jem'Hadar and Odo of course had to be involved, and placed in a situation where he has such Founder-like power and control over this young Jem'Hadar, but does not want to be a Founder or raise the Jem'Hadar as a killing machine.

It's a good premise, and this episode is enjoyable to watch (or as Admiral Shran said a 'huge exposition dump'). I also like that Odo fails miserably in his attempts in raising the Jem'Hadar, and this is another indication of how this series branches off from TNG; sometimes a good outcome is not reached, and if anything the outcome can be worse than before.

Besides combine the Jem'Hadar's violence with this young ones puberty (DO Jem'Hadar have puberty; like a really painful, moody, growing up phase?) and what chance do Odo have? Kira sceptism was definitely warranted...
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