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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

ENT is better than VOY, but for some reason I find VOY more rewatchable. I think the difference is that I grew up with VOY, so I look back on it more nostalgically, even though I know deep down that it's very flawed.

Anyway, I loved Second Skin. I thought it was a brilliant way of making Kira question things enough that she began to doubt who she was. And Garak is Garak - his presence usually makes an episode more worthwhile. I liked that the relationship between Kira and Gehmor would be revisited lated in the series.

The Abandoned is a solid one, if not spectacular. I'm glad you brought up I, Borg as the episode always reminded me of something, and now I can put my finger on it! Of course if DS9 is the evil anti-Trek then this episode's natural progression is a reverse of I, Borg.

I enjoyed the Sisko/Jake storyline too. I always liked those station-life sideplots, they were always fun and added a bit of depth to the universe.
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