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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

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Note we also have our first evidence of a female Watcher.
We knew since season 1 that there were female Watchers, since Giles told Buffy in Never Kill A Boy On the First Date that his father and paternal grandmother were Watchers.

Calling Captain Subtext; Faith obviously hungers for both a mother and father figure, commenting on Giles' 'youth and beauty' and obviously enamoured of Joyce, saying she's really cool (something I suspect Buffy and Dawn would also think but never say).
I'm not sure I'd call Faith calling Giles young and cute her "looking for a father figure", that's usually not the way you look for a father figure.
She also starts putting the moves on Scott Hope, the beginning of a long tradition of stealing Buffy's boyfriends
Not really, except in Buffy's mind. Even if Faith simply talking to Scott is considered "putting the moves on him", he wasn't Buffy's boyfriend, and Faith didn't even know who he was when she started talking to him.

The only boyfriends she did try to steal were Angel in season 3 and Riley (as a part of trying to steal Buffy's life in general), but with Angel is was mostly because the Mayor asked her to seduce him. In season 7 she already flirted with Spike before she learned in that same scene that there had been anything between him and Buffy (and she had already flirted with him in Buffy's body in season 4).
Was it Giles' grandmother or grandfather?

I like the idea of Gaith and arguably we may finally get it in the comics?

Remember Faith is the 'do that' girl who thinks that friends are there to sate her carnal desires so if she thinks Scott's cute there's only one thing on her mind? Remember Faith also puts the moves on Robin Wood and Spike. The girl can't help it
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