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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

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^^ Are you doing this with Sketchup basic or Pro? Even as I watch the tutorials it looks as if Basic could be limited. I'm making very slow progress in how the tools work to get the shapes I want. And sometimes the results aren't what I planned. While I can think three dimensionally it's not like making a physical model where you can bend the materials to your will.
I'm using the free version (v8) and I can perform all the actions that WinstonSmith described with it. The primary hull, nacelles and secondary hull spine visible in the image I posted upthread were all done with the Follow tool (profile half-slice of the object plus the curve to follow.) The domes of the running lights as well.

Do you have all the toolbars turned on? Sketchup, by default, loads with only a basic set of tools visible. IIRC, View>Toolbars. I turned off the top two and turned on just about everything under those.

Also, there is an all-important Rclick context menu that provides functionality like the intersect shown by WinstonSmith.

Hope this helps.
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