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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I use the Borg tribble in the Defari Invasion. Doesn't seem to help much though...

You need to try the cannibal tribble. Send me an ingame msg if you want one.


On a whim, I started a new character. Don't usually create female characters unless neccessary to access certain skills, but this one popped into my head - Kaylee the mechanic from Serenity. She's a Federation Engineer. My current FED Engr, Jho'dig, was my first character and I made some mistakes with him. I'm a little seasoned now, so should do better. Trying to get the new toon to look as much like the person as possible. Any of you artistic souls feel free to give suggestions for color or other settings. (like use A19 for hair, etc...) Thanks!


Preparations for 2nd anniversary party. Getting Kaylee ranked up to test drive the new ship. Locate partypoppers or procure new ones. Ensure all characters have Fire Extinguishers and Biothermal Dampeners. Etc...

Is the Spatial Charge a one time use item? I forgot that I had it until I saw a character use one in ESD. Thanks.
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