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DOFF system - Getting a critical success used to give 500 or 1000 dilithium. I'm not sure if that's been nerfed yet. Normal payout is 5 dilithium. There are three things that you want to look at when assigning DOFFs to an assignment, their rarity, their specialty and their traits. Most players favor stacking for a critical success. Look for the DOFFs that increase both the success and crit success rates. You can experiment by slotting a DOFF then highlighting another one on in the roster and clicking "swap...". XP for the DOFF assignments has been nerfed quite a bit since inception. According to Heretic, it's been nerfed 5 times. I think that they should take out the XP rewards and just give appropiate commendation points. Of course I can say that since most of my characters have already benefited from the generous XP payouts. :-P
You don't have to experiment anymore; the DOFFs now highlight any skill they have that contributes in green, so you can see at a glance who's got what.

Also, you can filter by required or excluded attributes if it helps. Filtering out the ones with the attributes that contribute to Disaster is always helpful.
Well, it mainly offers up ones that contribute to success whereas I'm usually going for the *crit* success. Also the filter still needs some work (or did). The last time I tried it was Tuesday and it still had some glitches.

Also I noticed that dilithium payout on some crit successes has dropped to 125 di.
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