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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Had TOS gotten the budget it deserved and a team of writers who could actually write, it would have turned into one hell of an epic show...
To be fair, a massive infusion of cash and really good writers can pretty much make a good show out of anything. It's like saying "throw strikes and don't give 'em anything good to hit."

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Like the original series, it could be more like Adama leading the best of humanity from the sinks of perdition to the promised land of Earth. Think Brigham Young leading the way to Utah, except with Cylons for dastardly Injuns.
so basically go back to cheesefest.
Only if you consider having a more positive, hopeful view of humanity a "cheesefest".
No, not "only if" - the premise as summarized there is cheesy, period.
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