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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Hot damn. Is that one of the Anovos ones?
Yep, the wait is killing me! 6 months to manufacture, then finally it shipped a couple of days ago. I have been tracking it across the USA and then over the Pacific ocean, it arrived in Australia yesterday...where it will stay in a warehouse because today is Australia Day and nobody is working today I can't wait to get my hands on it - I will be posting a review in the TOS forum.

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Because I got my pension today I went to buy the items that were in my basket as Amazon UK. However I discovered that the free postage to Australia for orders over 25 pounds that Amazon UK had been offering finished on the 19th of this month. I still decided to buy the DVDs that were in my basket but the book (The Steampunk Bible) I decided to buy from Book Depository US as they still have free delivery.

If I had bought the items from an Australian store (even an online one) they would have cost a lot more.
Yep, its not even close, the Aussie consumer, and bookbuyers in particular, get a very raw deal.

Just got back from the USA where I purchased a new Vaio laptop, Sony Tablet, and some PS3 games. All were HALF the Aussie price!

Don't get me started on the Aussie prices of books, shoes and clothes!
Ah, but you're also a lot closer to all the discounted Chinese knockoffs, so it's sort of quid pro quo....

On a more serious note, I do actually wonder how this situation will vary as South East Asia continues to grow economically. One would intuit that as the local economy burgeons, transactional and logistical costs should fall, making things (relatively) more affordable for Australians too. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
Spot on, but the real culprit here is rent seeking - in Australia we still slap tariffs on clothes, cars and shoes here. Hell, the book publishing industry has total protection from any imports of any title they choose to print themselves. Retailers are barred from selling imported copies, and must pay whatever the monopolist book publisher charges. This of course is far more than the retailer (who is under enough pressure from the likes of amazon) can handle, and so they go out of business in droves while a relative handful of book publishing executives and authors are protected. Of course, any moves to change any of this results in furious lobbying and media misinformation campaigns from the vested interests. The Australian publishing industry has a lot of blood on its hands. At least six bookstores in my neighbourhood have gone out of business over the past year. Told you not to get me started
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