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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Caught up to last month, plus Batwoman. Animal Man's not two bucks yet, but you know I can't resist me some J.H. Williams the Third.

Legion Lost 4: still good. The art is beautiful; there's this two-page spread of Wildfire and Tyroc, you'd say it was pretty standard if I described it, but nonetheless it's really amazing, it's like light coming out of the page (which is technically the case, I guess, since I read it on an LED screen); there's another bit with Dawnstar that's really cool too. There are a lot of interesting panel compositions throughout. Pete Woods is really expanding his repertoire, and it's good. The story is pretty okay, too. B+.

Flash 4: I still don't know why everyone's so down on Mob Rule. I think the only thing that you can say is that he's not really a typical Flash villain. But in any event, this book's still great. A.

Batwoman 5: Fucking awesome. You know it, we all know it, when are we going to admit it? This is the tops. They even decided it was time to stop coloring Kate Kane like a vampire. A+.

I have a question, though--bit o' spoilers--when Bones and Chase from the DEO track Kate down and make her an offer she can't refuse for government/black ops employment, Batman is kind of pissed at her. She mentions that she knows there are "lines that can't be crossed" and Batman is all, "Yeah, but they'll test you at every turn, blah blah morality." I assume they're talking about homicide. My question is this: does Batman want to beat up soldiers too? God, Batman really is an asshole. Why does anyone like him?

Irredeemable 2-4. I shouldn't even mention it, as it is not a DC book, and it's old, but Mark Waid's alright, you know? B. It'd get higher, but the art, while perfectly functional, is pretty mediocre, and in some cases straight up fucking lazy (CTRL + C is just working smarter, man; yes, it's fine when Barry Kitson does it; shut up).

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