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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Why people slag off Equilibrium I have no idea, it is one of the more stronger Jadzia episodes and (I admit) a bit TNGish in terms of something shocking being discovered in a main character, but at least DS9 explored Joran a bit... At the very least Equilibrium should be 3 stars, anyways...

Glad you liked Second Skin TheGodBen (in my darker moments I thought you would assign an average or good rating to what is an excellant episode). I dig this episode not for Kira being a Cardassian, but how she is steadily broken down as a person, and the scene where she looks in the mirror, then smashes it, and then sobs into Tekeny Ghemor's chest moves me everytime.

This episode also humanises the Cardassians, and for once we see a Cardassian (not forgetting that one in Lower Decks in TNG) who is a decent person, and not like Dukat or Garak or your average Cardassian soldier/officer. Ultimately this episode reminds us that Cardassians are people and why we should feel sorry for them in What You Leave Behind with the near-total destruction of Cardassia. Without episodes like this one, we would not really feel for the Cardassians at the end of this series.

Also this episode makes Kira further reexamine her prejudice towards Cardassians, and I like her final conversation with Ghemor and all that 'you're a good and honest man', that was another moving scene and really pulled on my heartstrings...
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