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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I love little curiosities like that, just to show how far we've come since the episode was made.
My favourite was B5's Passing Through Gethsemane where the computer said it would take something like 6 hours to perform a simple Google search. Also, I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and it's about the same size as a Starfleet PADD, so now when I see a PADD in the shows I realise just how hopelessly outdated they look. It's not the show's fault, Star Trek was actually quite prescient about the existence of these devices, but it can take me out of a scene for a moment, especially when we see a character carrying multiple PADDs as though each one can only contain a single book.

Second Skin (****˝)

I can't be certain, but I imagine that the story break session for this episode went something like this...

BEHR: Okay kiddos, I've got to leave soon to buy some weird coloured dye for my beard. Let's get this done quickly.
WOLFE: I've been thinking, episodes about Kira confronting her prejudices are good, right? We could do another.
ECHEVARRIA: Yeah with some deep emotional stuff.
BEHR: It needs something more. Could we somehow add Quark undergoing a sex change?
MOORE: How about we add Garak doing some super-cool spy shit?
WOLFE: Yeah, people love Garak!
BEHR: That's a great idea Ron! You should be my new protégé and grow a beard and stuff.
MOORE: Thanks Ira. How about ending the episode with Kira randomly disappearing in the middle of a conversation?
BEHR: ...
WOLFE: ...
BEHR: ...what?
PILLER: Hey guys, do I still work here or am I too busy with Voyager? I'm confused.
You take one part Kira undergoing some sort of emotional ride, you take one part Garak doing his thing, you mix them together and you get this this gem of an episode. It begins with a premise that's hard to buy into, that Kira may really be a Cardassian spy and now she's brought home to Cardassia. This is Star Trek and we all know the formula here, Kira's not going to be revealed to be a Cardassian and she'll escape back to DS9 by the end of the episode. But that's part of the reason why this episode works, the Obsidian Order's plan wasn't to trick Kira into thinking she was a Cardassian, their plan was to make people think that was their plan while they executed their real plan. It just so happens that during the execution of this plan that they are able to conjure up enough false evidence to make Kira, and perhaps even the audience, doubt who she really is. And that's enough to break her.

So, there's the emotional stuff, there's the shocking twists at the end, and then there's Garak exercising his super-spy skills. If this episode was a pizza then those would be the toppings I'd order. The episode ends with an ominous warning that Garak is not to be trusted, which is needed because Garak has slowly been earning a reputation with the audience as something of an unlikely hero, so it's good to bring back some doubt about him. The fact that he'll be torturing Odo before this season is out means that this warning was justified. In fact, I wonder if the Obsidian Order were already preparing for their adventure into the Gamma Quadrant and if their attempt to extract info from Kira about the station's combat-readiness was a precaution in case they should need to fight their way through the wormhole... maybe.

On a side note, this episode was the first that had a score by David Bell, and he would later do the scores for iconic episodes like Sacrifice of Angels and In the Pale Moonlight, so it's nice to hear some early versions of the musical motifs that become a part of the show.

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