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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

24. Paper Man: (✩✩✩✩) - DVD - Richard Dunn (Jeff Daniels), an awkward and emotionally stunted man with an imaginary friend named Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds), is taken by his wife (Lisa Kudrow) to a rented house on Long Island and left there so he can have some space to write his book. Unable to write anything, he makes friends with a troubled teenage girl named Abby (Emma Stone) and the two of them hit it off and become friends after he hires her as a babysitter eventhough there's no baby. Drama ensues and Richard's wife comes to visit on weekends not knowing that he has a new friend. Critics have been pretty hard on this movie, but I found it to be very well written. Richard has to deal with writer's block, his own stunted growth at middle age, a staid marriage and being friends with a cute girl, and it's all done without being in your face with heavy drama. It's quirky and light-hearted with an idie vibe, and it's one of the best movies I've seen in a while. I would have given it al full five stars, but Reynolds' Captain Excellent comes off as a bit too extraneous in a lot of places eventhough he's fun to watch.

Check out the trailer...

25. In Like Flint: (✩✩) - TV - This 1967 movie is the sequel to Our Man Flint, a parody of James Bond. James Coburn returns as Flint, a wealthy genius adventurer spy who's brrought in to find the President after he's been kidnapped by an organization of women bent on creating a matriarchal society. I really liked Our Man Flint, but found this one lacking. Flint didn't charm me and even the 60s flair, which I like, felt empty. Batman this wasn't.

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