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Re: "24" movie moving forward

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So...Tony Scott was going to direct?

Shame. He's one great director. Top Gun...Days of Thunder...Unstoppable...True Romance....

Hm...I wonder: would Quentin Tarantino be interested? Because tings like "moral ambiguity" and "revenge" are right up his alley....
I could see Scott doing a 24 movie, on the basis of entries on his CV like Man On Fire or Crimson Tide. And we might have got Val Kilmer or Mickey Rourke as baddies!

Much as I love QT, I don't see him doing a 24 movie, nor do I think he'd be right for it. For one thing, I think he'd want to do his own stylistic take on it. He's said that he wouldn't do a comic strip adaptation, as he'd have to make the character his own and would just piss off purists. So I can't see him making a 24 movie without radically changing the formula. Can you imagine Jack Bauer discussing pop culture or lots of close-up shots of Chloe's feet?

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I wonder if they'll take an all-or-nothing approach and kill off Bauer. Better to burn out than fade away, as they say. Anyway, given the tendency to fast-forward between seasons, he should be pushing fifty or so by the end of Day Eight.
As regards Jack's age, I think the writers have said something along the lines of he is always whatever age Keifer is. So, for example, in season 1 (first airing in November 2001), Keifer would have been a few months short of his 35th birthday, so Jack would have been this age too. But, as 24 fans know, the gaps between seasons were longer in 'series time' than they were in our time (most notably in between seasons 6-7, which jumped 4 years). So while Jack should have been about 50-ish by season 8 (it aired in January 2010 but I'm too lazy to work out all the gaps between the seasons in 24 time), according to the writers, he'd have been the same age as Keifer, i.e. 44.
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