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I think a ferengi megacorp is impossibel unless the workers are from offworld. Ferengi lack the discipline to keep a megacorp together.
And that's why they don't work as serious villains. If the Fererngi Alliance was supposed to be a commentary about a nightmarish version of capitalism that has gone out control, having the Ferengi have so little impulse control they could never form a megacorp doesn't work. It renders them silly rather then scary and fails both political commentary and presenting menacing villains.
I like them better this way. They were quite diverse from arms dealers to simple folks. As a villain they would probably have been a whole lot less diverse. I like the idea of a society where everyone is so out for their own profit that mega corporations don't work out due to in fighting and back stabbing.. so they do business without that level of cooperation. Their alliances are short lived it seems, for the profit of the moment. It works for them and fits their driving purpose in life.
You could argue they are less diverse if they are in mega corps, but they would have been far more menacing if they were organized as mega corporations. The Ferengi are just not menacing because they have no impulse control, they can't enact any epic long term schemes, because they will get distracted but some small possibility of immediate profit. Before Quark came along none of the Ferengi came off as competent schemers. A villain needs to menacing and threatening to be effective and the Ferengi acting like greedy impulsive children doesn't make for a threatening villain, which is why they were bumped down to comic relief.
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