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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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It was a missed opportunity not having Jadzia struggle to contain these murderous thoughts in future episodes, it could have added more strength to her character. She had her Zhian'tara and that was pretty much it! Ezri spoke to Joran too, but that was two episodes altogether?
Your post made me think of the character Zhaan from Farscape, who was a very strong character, in part because of the dark impulses and murderous rage she had to contend with despite being a wise and compassionate being with a great body of experience to draw on. In a sense, Zhaan makes me think of the full potential of the Trill in a way DS9 never captured. I love the concept of the Trill (and the novels make the most of them in my opinion), but I do agree that sadly they weren't explored onscreen with quite the effort and thought they might have been. It's not too great a flaw, given the sheer number of subplots and focuses the show had, but it must be said.

If Jadzia had been a Zhaan-like figure, remaining calm and balanced on the outside with genuine wisdom and insight gained from her various lives, while occasionally her dark side pops up in a rather frightening way, would she have worked better? I like Jadzia, I always did, but I do acknowledge the problems other viewers have with her character. I mentioned before that I always appreciated the Kira-Jadzia scenes; maybe that might be enhanced if Jadzia were Kira's inverted mirror - one aggressive and angry on the outside but spiritually balanced within, the other reversed?
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