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Re: Relocating from the US to London, UK... any tips?

Thanks for the feedback!

MANT!, I don't think I will have a car in London. I intend to live within walking distance of a tube station, and I've heard the horror stories about insurance rates. I may still sit for the UK driving test, if only so that I can hire a car for weekend jaunts.

sojouner, relocation costs at the end of the contract are one of the first things I thought of. It sounds like you have done this before... what did your employer offer in this area?

captcalhoun, I'm sorry you feel that way. I love London and am trying to not get too excited about this (there are still lots of factors that could sink this besides an inadequate pay differential and relocation package). You can at least take heart that I'll still be a Yank who has a fixed end date to leave!

Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!
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