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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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My main annoyance with the instances issue is when trying to team up for things like the Defera Invasion. You manage to find a team through zone chat, and you're all in different instances. Most of which are full, so you can't actually get together. And when people try to change to yours, it's full and not presented. You all then try to change to empty ones, which take a minute and sometimes fill up as you try.

Or you lose a team member, and you can't get anyone to join your (full) instance to replace them.

Been a pain in busy events trying to team up...
I had that problem the last time I played the Defari Invasion. Was assembling a team for the Hard mission - Knowledge is the Key and we were all in different instances. Two of us were in full instances so the others couldn't come to us. Had to find an instance with only a few characters and tell everyone to come there. Then after all that we discovered that the mission was broken...

The Defari Invasion used to run 3 times a day, west coast, east coast and europe. Not sure why that's been cut back so severely.

BTW, has anyone else encountered the goliath werewolf borg? That dude is tough...
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