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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Exactly, bravery and sticking to our better angels in the face of adversity.

Though even in the original series you had the venal, petty, scandalous and evil amongst humanity as well. Because the exodus of the humans was about people piling into ships and fleeing the best they can.

So you will end up with a hodgepodge. That has been reflected in different ways in both versions thus far, and I suspect we will get that in Singer's as well.
The difference being that In TOS it was clear that the venal, etc people were bad guys. Moore's version had them being "typical humans".

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Like the original series, it could be more like Adama leading the best of humanity from the sinks of perdition to the promised land of Earth. Think Brigham Young leading the way to Utah, except with Cylons for dastardly Injuns.
so basically go back to cheesefest.
Only if you consider having a more positive, hopeful view of humanity a "cheesefest". I'm sick of cynical, humanity-hating sci-fi. Give me Loorne Green as the wise patriarch with a vision over Olmos as the self-serving liar who got bailed out by fate anyday.
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