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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

Since I already mentioned the live cast album, I thought I'd offer a full review since there's not a whole lot to talk about re: the film.

If it wasn't already evident from my comments concerning On My Own and the actress who performs it, this is not an album featuring the cast of the 25th Anniversary Concert, but instead features the cast of the 2010 U.K. Touring production. In addition to the already-mentioned Rosalind James as Eponine, the cast features John Owen-Jones as Valjean, Earl Carpenter as Javert, Gareth Gates as Marius, Ashley Artus as Monsieur Thenardier, Lynne Wilmot ad Madame Thenardier, Madalena Alberto as Fantine, Katie Hall as Cosette, John Robyns as Enjolras, Toby Prynne as Gavroche, and David Lawrence as the Bishop of Digne.

I've already mentioned that I really like Rosalind James' performance as Eponine, but John Owen-Jones is another standout. I really like his performances on Who am I? and Bring Him Home.

Earl Carpenter does a great job as Javert, although I think he's at his strongest when he's singing alongside other members of the cast. Having said that, his rendition of Stars is by no means weak.

Gareth Gates' voice has a great quality to it that meshes very well with Katie Hall and Rosalind James' voices, and is a perfect fit for Empty Chairs at Empty Tables.

Madalena Alberto, like Javert, seems to be at her strongest when she's singing with others, but she still does a great job with I Dreamed a Dream.

My favorite song in the musical overall is Do You Hear the People Sing? but my favorite song in this production is On My Own, followed by Who am I?.

In conclusion, I really like this version of the show. The cast is great, and the arrangement and orchestration of the music perfectly fits their voices and performances.
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