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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

1. My Week With Marilyn (B-)
2. Fantasia 2000 (B+)
3. Blade Runner (B)
4. The Hidden Fortress (A-)
5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (B+)
6. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (A+)

Revisited this 2003 gem, which I saw in theatres when it came out, but haven't since (sadly, Peter Weir has only made one other movie since then, which I still haven't seen, but I plan to).

Weir's depiction of life at sea in the golden age of sail is magnificent, and really the movie's main drawing point; it's more a travelogue of a sea voyage then it is a thriller or an adventure movie. When The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo came out earlier this year, I know David Fincher talked about creating a franchise for adults; Weir was trying to do that here, but sadly it didn't fly, though we're left with one great movie (between this and Pirates of the Caribbean, 2003 was a great year for naval action). Minor nit I guess is that the otherwise naturalistic tone of the movie veers into somewhat stilted ideological clashes between Aubrey and Maturnin once or twice (and Maturnin's sulking about Aubrey calling off their visit to the Galapagos the first time makes him look like an utter ninny, whereas I think the movie wants us to feel he's been done wrong).

Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany are both great as the leads, and the host of actors playing the rest of the cast fit together well, even if I couldn't say I easily remembered their names. Lord Blakeney is the standout of the rest of the crew. Also, watching this movie made me wonder what Billy Boyd has been up to since this movie and Lord of the Rings. The answer, per the IMDB: not a lot.

Cinema: 2
Home Video: 4
Computer: 0
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