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Re: Relocating from the US to London, UK... any tips?

Actually trampledamage, there are about 1.5 million more people living in London than in the entire Washington, DC metropolitan area. Plus, London has always struck me as much more cosmopolitan than DC. Yes, there is an office in London but I'd be using London as a base of operations--I would only be there for three-day weekends, flying to other European cities Monday through Thursday.

propita, if anything scuttles this deal it's going to be my employer cheaping out on the pay differential or the housing allowance (or both). Since they're talking about me being elsewhere four days a week, I'm thinking that a housing allowance is non-negotiable... I just don't see how it makes sense to pay for a flat out of my own pocket that I only will be using three days a week. As for the pay differential, that's also going to be key. The cost of living in London is astronomical--I've seen estimates as high as 180% of Washington area costs--and even if I'm only there three days a week that could be a huge hit if the differential isn't sufficient. (When I'm traveling to other cities the company covers everything, of course.)

MacLeod, I hear what you're saying but it's all but certain that my partner is relocating there in 2013, so I'm the vanguard for our little family. In the meantime, one of the non-negotiable items for me will be regular flybacks to DC. He also flies to Europe a lot for his work, so he will be visiting me in London throughout the year. And also meanwhile, I have several friends who live in the London metropolitan area, so it's not as if I'm moving somewhere I don't know anyone. As for the rest of my family, I'm not particularly close to my dad and my mom is a world traveler--she's already picking out dates to come see me.

Thanks for the feedback everyone... please keep the suggestions coming!
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