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Re: 2012 Academy Award Nominations

Kira's Mom wrote: View Post
I thought Tree of Life was supposed to have sucked?
Not even remotely. Loved it.

Caligula wrote: View Post
*Scans the list, jaw drops* Jonah Hill got nominated for Moneyball? Was he really that good in it (I haven't seen the movie yet, so I'm honestly asking)?
He was good enough that I personally think he should give up comedy, and develop his dramatic skills instead. I've never been able to stand him in a comedy, but thought he did a pretty good job in Moneyball.

Emh wrote: View Post
No love for Andy Serkis.
That fight is going to take time, unfortunately.

tomalak301 wrote: View Post
For the last several years I've hated the whole thing of "Limited Release" because it's pretty much saying we're all too stupid for the "wide release".
Why would a studio spend a large amount of money on a wide release for a film they don't think will play to large audiences around the country? That'd be incredibly bad decision-making.
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