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Relocating from the US to London, UK... any tips?

Good evening everyone. I suddenly find myself in an interesting but unfamiliar situation and I'm hoping someone here will have a few minutes to spare for a little advice.

I just found out that my employer is going to present me with a verbal offer next week to relocate from the Washington, DC area to London, UK for five years. If after evaluating the offer I decide that I like the terms, they will proceed with drawing up a formal package that includes an employment contract, relocation costs, etc.

I have absolutely no experience in this area and I don't personally know anyone else who has done something like this before, which is why I am casting a net for advice. I have (some ) common sense, but I am afraid I will not ask the right questions or inadequately scrutinize some crucial aspect of the package offer.

If you have ever done something like this before, were there any online resources or guides that you used when you made your move? Did you have anyone to advise you on things to watch out for in the employment contract and/or relocation package? And just as important, did you enjoy living in London? I've vacationed there several times, but I'm sure it's quite another thing to actually live there.

Missus is going to help me look over the offer package, but if anyone has any words of wisdom they'd like to share I'd be VERY grateful for anything you can offer. Thanks!
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