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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

My last Marvel read from last week- Legion of Monsters #4

This concludes the mini with Elsa Bloodstone, Morbius, Jack Russell/Werewolf by Night, Living Mummy and Manphibian trying to stop a monster targeted virus, of demonic origin?, from spreading and causing the monsters of Monsteropolis, under Manhattan, to go to the surface.
Issue 3 guest starred Son of Satan and this one had Dracula himself. Overall I enjoyed the series. The art wasn't totally to my liking but due to the nature of script, with it's tounge in cheek humor at times the art style fit. If the tone was more hardcore I'd have had issue with the art.
I'd like to see more with the Legion of Monsters as a team, toss in Man-Thing and the line-up is perfect. Just as DC is mimicing Mignola's BPRD with it's Frankenstein Agent of SHADE(which I'm also enjoying) Marvel should keep this up with Legion, imo.

With their Monster city underground it seems another plot could link to the Mole Man. Having just read Avenging Spiderman it seems he needs stopping sooner than later. Also the race, whose name I forget, that Hulk had taken up with in Hulk's new book. Plenty going on underneath the NY area.
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