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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Well I just finshed DEEP SPACE NINE Number 3 : Bloodletter by the wonderful K W Jeter who finished this book by nailing all the Deep Space characters dead on as they were in early season 1 ! Plus the idea of impulse bufferes while entering the wormhole was still in use, the CArdies are the good old Biff Tannen of the week, and of course there's that goofy Bajoran politics roaring its ugly head. So all in all this is a nostalgic book for sure, and as a kid the only DeepSpace book they didnt have at my waldenbooks, therefore the only DeepsPace book number 1 to to 19 i didnt have. I did get out of Star Trek around that time from being od'd and burnt out from it. But i loved this book the end was too simple and left me with more questions but all in all 3 popcorns.

oh i had finshed Eddie Guerrerros Autobiography after that and while prevous World Wrestling Fedeation autobiographies by Mankind (Mick Foley), HBK SHawn Michaels, Rocky "The Rock" Maivia, and Stone Cold Steve Austin were all good in thier own style for each indivvidual, this one far and away was the most compelling story of all. It gave me so much respect for Guerrerro not only as a worker and athlete, but more importantly as a person. It was well written and enthralling, plus had many elemnets I could relate to addiction, family, hard work, respect and faith in God.

Lastly have begun reading JM Dillars STar Trek Generations novelization, and William Shatners Star Trek Memories. I am enjoying both emensly, I am suprised about how much more detail and depth the novelization of Generations adds to this story it turns a 2 star film in the a 3 and hald popcorn read very well. Plus the addition of scences particularly in the STAR TREK TOS MOVIE ERA is not old welcome, but actually necessary in order to bring closure to that era's characters and thier dealing with the change they have all had to deal with in thier lives.

On deck is Book 2 of the Inerno Series from DeepSpace, Shatners CAPTIAINS BLOOD, or maybe even his other one Star Trek Acadamy. We will see what my little mind is in the mood for when time allows. Work and family are priority one. Taking care of myu body and music are priority 2. Friends and cleanig are 3, then its fun time where all this recreational stuff fits into. Plus my primary things of reading are nonfiction books, and the Bible, but for the sake of the pop culture/ entertainment direction of the British message board, we shant go into those! Im gonna now Enjoy this warm day in Baltimore, 2 days after snow, and proceed north 15 miles on I 95 to my place of work where I shall create dinner for the masses. Until next time computer posters in the pretned world of Star Trek, enjoy it, but dont loose yourself in it like some dorks, be aware of the real world (unless of course u are a writer and writing star trek is your job or something , but dont become like the neighbor kid whose life is living in the basement obessed with Star Wars, and Magiacal Cards or somehting, and stupid midless video games hes got no social skills and fucking no concept of reality. He is not learning life lessons from ST star wars or anything, he is wasting his life, and that is of much concearn to me this day, and i hope he may heal soon! HEalthy amounts of anything is the key, moderation, and discipline in things that could become addictions.
I should know ive wasted much of my life drinking and drugging, and and only now beginning in the last few years to recover. Anyway this rambling session ends now.....BYE!
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