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Re: "Coveted Commodity" (January 2012 Challenge Entry)

Thank you so much. What I wanted to convey for Travis - who is barely known in canon - is that there is something there. He isn't just her boy toy; he's got the barest traces of a conscience, and it's Izo who makes any of that possible. It's easy to see that it's possible that the other fathers - with the possible exception of Aidan - might have chosen the Machiavellian route of death and destruction if they had been given the opportunity.

I also love characters who are underestimated, and I wanted that to be gotten across; that Hoshi just jerks him around, but he now has a reason for being servile. He can see the forest for all those trees, even if she cannot.

I agree with your assessment of the MU - it's not meant to be (or at least, I think it should not be) Archer, et al in leather. But rather, it should make you feel morally queasy. The morality, or rather, the lack thereof, should viscerally affect us. It should feel like life in a minor key, where it is so difficult to do the right thing because, well, no one has seen the right thing for so long that it's a completely alien thing to them.
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