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Re: "Coveted Commodity" (January 2012 Challenge Entry)

The best MU tales are those that aren't fiendish pantomime cartoon figures aping it in black leather. Instead, they're the dark, twisty ones that have some horrible moral choices to make in a rather bleak and hopeless universe and where a choice of good can be your downfall rather any act of redemption or salvation. Travis here makes such a call. His interest is purely in his son when there was a chance he could have tried to grab for power in a risky gambit. But rather than chase such ambitions he settled on the only ambition that mattered to him - that to be called Dad. The best MU tales also 'mirror' the Prime Universe characters some fashion, showing us aspects of their being not normally seen. With your tale you show more to Travis than we ever got in TV and it played on Prime Travis' own family storylines as they appeared in canon - there too family was important. Strangely in the MU he chose family - his son - over ambition, whereas in the Prime he left the family ship to join Starfleet and pursue his own path. Great stuff Jespah.
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