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Re: 2012 Academy Award Nominations

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No CARS 2 for best animated film? Pixar loses this year.
Even bigger surprise is TinTin got snubbed despite winning some other awards. Another nail in the coffin for photo-real CG in movies?

CNN just listed Harry Potter as one of the more notable snubs. But unfortunately it was predicted that splitting DH into two might have sacrificed as potential Best Picture nomination since part 2 was just that - it wasn't a complete movie. Granted, Return of the King was Part 3 of a trilogy too. But at the same time it was also a standalone of sorts. DH2 literally could not be watched nor understood without Part 1. I'd still like to see the production team receive a special Oscar though for the series. Actually, this year would be a great year to give a special Oscar to EON Productions for the Bond movies too, since the series marks its 50th anniversary this year.

"These are historical documents - preserving them is important. Tarting them up for a night out in the twenty-first century is unnecessary" - Toby Hadoke, "Should mistakes in old episodes of Doctor Who be fixed on DVD" (Doctor Who Magazine #445)
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