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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I had started a Sci character before the release of the Doff system and with the exception of the Klingon episodes, I was able to level him up to VA solely on the Doff missions. Now I'm going through all the levels for the first time with this toon at a VA level. Makes it a little quicker and interesting as I'm getting MK XI gear for every mission I turn in.
I know and since your at level cap you don't have to toss it unless you find something you like better and you get some decent ECs for stuff.

Speaking of the Doff system, I'm now focusing on getting as many purple Doffs as I can for my main Eng toon. The way I see it, the purples give better bonuses and reward more dilithium for their critical successes. If I have a number of purple Doffs running missions, theoretically I should be getting significantly more than 5 dilithium per successful mission.
Good point.

Oh and on an unrelated note is it just me or do devidians go down easier when you use antiproton weapons on them?
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