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BSG began as a back-door pilot miniseries.
Is SyFy even in the business of broadcasting miniseries anymore? They still broadcast uber-cheap made for television movies, but nothing on the scale of Battlestar Galactica, Frank Herbert's Dune, or even The Lost Room.

The only place that still seems to broadcast miniseries these days -- even on cable -- is HBO, and they have the benefit of subscription fees.
Yes. They just broadcast a 2 night Peter Pan prequel. They've been doing a reimaged classic every other year in December for the past number of years. Tin Man in 2007, Alice in 2009, Neverland in 2011. Whether they would be interested in doing an original story or space opera in general remains to be seen, but those 3 have been some of the highest rated shows on SyFy.
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