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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm a little saddened that there's no Ambassador class.
Well they are planning to add it at some point.
I can't wait until they do!

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Trekkian Sybil that I am, I switched back to my Excelsior Retrofit, as I was getting tired of taking so long to blast the crap out of things. Oh my god, I had forgotten how powerful that ship is. I laid waste to dozens of vessels without breaking a sweat! Hooray superior firepower!
Although not a tactical ship, the Excelsior Refit can put a hurting on 'em. I use the LCDR Tac slot to drop a double load of plasma mines out the tailpipe. Precede that with Eject Warp Plasma III and you'll give anybody trailing you a serious bloody nose. You can also use it offensively as a flyover.
Yeah, she packs a pretty punch!

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