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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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A few questions though: Is there just one F2P server? I didn't see an option to pick one. If so, is it separate from the premium people? From what I gather most of you still have pay accounts.
Unlike other MMOs, Cryptic tends to heavily utilize instancing technology so there is only one server shared by both premium and f2p players. Additional instances are spawned when current instances are filled (usually ~50 players per zone-instance, and chat works across all zone-instances).
I'm not really sure about the terms they are using but, I assume that there is a server farm that is clustered into one server (shard). That server is then virtualized into several virtual servers (instances). I use clusters and virtual servers but I'm not familiar with the terms shard and instance. Someone smarter than me may know.
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