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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

1. War Horse (B-)
2. The Woman in the Window (A-)
3. The Last Exorcism (B)
4. The Guard (A)
5. Groundhog Day (B+)
6. Mildred Pierce (A)

Having recently watched the five-hour HBO miniseries, I decided to re-watch this very fine old film noir. This time, I was impressed by the way they condensed the same story down to a fast-paced 111 minutes: not a moment or a line of dialogue was wasted. The tragic tale of a mother's obsessive, self-destructive love for her undeserving fille fatale daughter was just as poignant, and a great deal of suspense was created by framing the principal narrative with a murder mystery. Joan Crawford won a well-deserved best Actress Oscar for playing the title role.

Theatres: 1
Home Video: 5 (+1)
Computer: 0
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