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Re: Who Else Loved Lieutenant Barclay?

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Honestly, when he's first introduced in 'Hollow Pursuits' I found him a bit annoying, but the more I saw him the more he grew on me to the point of looking forward to the next episode he was in. I guess my overall point here is, why the hell wasn't he given some kind of role on DS9? He was obviously a fan favorite, or he never would have been brought back so many times.

And on that note, Q only got ONE episode on DS9??? Preposterous! He didn't have to come back as frequently as he was on TNG, but come on!!!
His first episode they played him off as an imbecil. He improved after the incident with the Cytherians (sp?).

They always played him as the stereotypical loser who pines for Deanna but is content to just be her friend, instead of letting the guy develop some type of better relationship with someone else.
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