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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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A few questions though: Is there just one F2P server? I didn't see an option to pick one. If so, is it separate from the premium people? From what I gather most of you still have pay accounts.
Unlike other MMOs, Cryptic tends to heavily utilize instancing technology so there is only one server shared by both premium and f2p players. Additional instances are spawned when current instances are filled (usually ~50 players per zone-instance, and chat works across all zone-instances).

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And is the CS mostly content, or vanity? PWE games have been the latter, but I know the current trend is going towards the former. If it is content, how far can you get before having to start paying? I do have some PWE currency left over from PWI and FW, does anyone know if it transfers? In both of those games it was called Zen, but here it's not obviously.
It is 100% vanity. From what I see so far, f2p players get access to all in-game content, even player-made content (although f2p players cannot create their own Foundry missions). You only pay if you want more bank/inventory/duty officer slots, access to better uniforms or ships.
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