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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Yeah this episode really rocked, it had Gowron, and Grilka (the most cutest Klingon woman ever). This is probably comedic Star Trek farce at its best; with Grilka and her sham marriage with Quark. It is so cool when Grilka forces herself to kiss Quark and then spits on the floor afterwards! This is yet another example of how DS9 mastered the comedic episodes though I still believe Business as Usual is the best of them all (of probably all series combined) when it comes to dark humour.

Another thing is that this episode is reasonably complex plot-wise with the Klingons and Grilka's status as the leader of her house. Plus having the B-plot with Keiko is good, and ties in all the stuff with the Dominion and the general effect on the station and its inhabitants. Real fun to watch!
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