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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I've also started on Darth Plagueis and thus far am loving it. (I did spent the first few chapters eagerly awaiting Palpatine's appearance. What can I say, as a character he's a very effective complete monster, even more so in this book.) Some very intriguing looks into both Sith philosophy and galactic politics and great characterizations make this a worthy addition to the star wars universe. (And I'm not even half way through yet...)
That's on my must-read list for this year: I may have to buy it if my library never picks it up. Palpatine is fantastic villain. Have you read the Darth Bane books?

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Most unlikely. The name Odo has existed for over 12 centuries; it hardly originated with DS9. It's a Germanic name related to "Otto" (actually meaning "rich person"), and was common in the Middle Ages. There are a number of nobles, clerics, and other famous people who have borne the name over the centuries, and it's been used in works of fiction predating DS9 such as Lord of the Rings and The Dispossessed.
I've heard of Odoacer before, but not the shortened version. I suppose I'm not surprised: a lot of proper names in Trek history that sound interesting have obscure roots in Earth's own cultures. Still, if "Lord Odo" had been a shapeshifter...
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