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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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At some point, I'll probably end up getting at least a dual-card phone. I've been able to stave off needing the functionality a little longer, but I fear I may need it eventually. It's a shame that they don't seem to attract proper development in the same way that single-card phones do, but I suppose it makes sense in terms of how the maker/operator market is currently structured.
The thing is that the entire development revolves around piracy. I mean, there are copies of copies that are copies of copies. Its horrible. As long as nobody is willing to fund actual development, and not just software and hardware piracy, these phones aren't going anywhere. They'll just be copied with cheaper and cheaper parts until they either explode, or can be given away for free. I've had a number of Chinese phones over the years. Their quality have dropped to a level that I'd rather carry around two Nokia 1616's taped together with double sided tape.
Yeah, the dire quality and general shadiness is what's put me off.
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