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Re: Does It Get Better???

I think "The Raven" is a nearly great episode marred by the tacked on ending where Tuvok and Seven have to get out of the ship because of the attack by needlessly aggressive aliens™.
"Scientific Method" is a fun story and I always like it when we get to see Janeway actually show some emotion. One thing that bothers me is when Janeway talks about people being too lax on the ship though, since it really reminds you that there is so little different about Voyager compared to other Starfleet ships/crews despite its wholly unique situation. Nonetheless I enjoyed it.

I have mixed feelings about "Year of Hell" although I do feel it was a well written, acted and directed two-parter. I think I'm probably a little sour on the episode since it was originally a story in which Kes was to play an important role and while I was immensely enjoying Seven at this point in the show, I was missing the presence Kes too. I don't like how they basically didn't address Kes's warning about the Krenim. Some say that the temporal waves meant that Kes's warning never happened but I find that to be a completely BS explanation.
The only explanation I can think of is that species 8472's introduction into the AQ changed the original course of events meaning that Kes left the ship and the events of "Before and After" never happened - but even that doesn't really make much sense. Quite simply, I still think that "Year of Hell" stands somewhat uncomfortably with "Before and After" and if Kes had still been around, I'd probably have enjoyed it a whole lot more.
I just wish we'd got the year-long Year of Hell arc that was proposed, the reset button is certainly a pain.
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