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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Whisper sweet nothings into that ursine ear, Tigger.

I like this episode too. It manages to combine two elements of Trek that are often overplayed - Ferengi comedy and Klingon bull-headedness - and uses them to offer insight rather than just laughs (while also managing to be genuinely funny). The Ferengi are indeed at their best when they're being used to comment implicitly on other cultures - human, Klingon, whatever - perhaps because the genuine insights they offer don't fall victim to Trek's often moralizing blandness? And that because it is, after all, the Ferengi we're talking about. No-one's convinced they're an "enlightened" culture (they're not supposed to be), so we're free to see the wisdom in them, and the opportunity for reflection on others, without getting bogged down in The Message?

I suppose it also shows the nature of the Quark character - despite being a Ferengi, he's usually a "straight man" isn't he? Compared to other Ferengi, to Klingons, etc. He's the character who is placed in the midst of the wackiness to either blunten it or thrive off of it, rather than be the actual source of the wackiness. I suppose that's because he's serious about the rules he lives by. He's a very principled character, even if those principles are such that he can never be a "hero".

I guess that I see him as a less comical character than he might appear, because while his people's ways are amusing and, to be honest, indeed often silly, he actually takes them seriously and tries his hardest to be a good Ferengi. To me, he's more of a serious character that is, as I say, in the midst of silliness a lot without being the source of it.
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