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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Us regular followers of your reviews know all about what your dreams may bring.
I still think that Voyager missed a trick by not doing that episode about space bees in the Fair Haven program. Sure, it didn't work so well in dream form, but with a bit of polish it may have made a perfectly acceptable Voyager episode.

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You're not the only one, I've had dreams where I've interacted with the main cast of DS9 (although not on DS9 itself).
See, that seems kinda cool and not all that nerdy. Even a dream where you meet the actors doesn't seem too nerdy. But a dream where you meet the writers? That's a little too much on the nerdy side of things. And in a dream that contained a sequence where four beautiful women sought to please me the thing that got me most excited was Ron Moore walking into the room? I've waded a bit too far out into the waters of geekdom.

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Should our beloved TheGodBen be called away to fight the forces of evil
It's more likely that I'd be called away to fight with the forces of evil.

The House of ̶Q̶u̶i̶r̶k̶ Quark (****)

There's lots to like in this episode but there's one thing in particular that I'd like to comment on. Following the Circle trilogy in season two the show quickly returned to random adventures, a coup on Bajor involving a massive evacuation of the station is followed up with a random evacuation of the station and some crazy guy trying to steal Dax. Thankfully, this episode doesn't make that mistake. Following on from one of the the most important interstellar events in decades, life on the station does not just go back to normal, there are consequences for the people that live there and this episode allows us to see them while also doing a light-hearted story. I like that.

The main story here involves Quark marrying a Klingon woman in order to save her house from her scheming brother-in-law. A Ferengi and a Klingon? That's the most unlikely couple since Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. And before you protest that those two weren't an item, I have pictorial evidence and this time it's not a crappy 'shop I whipped up in MS Paint.

Anyway, back to the episode. The idea of combining the Ferengi with the usually serious (and sometimes far too serious) Klingons is one of those things that's just crazy enough to work. The Ferengi are like vodka, if you drink a full bottle on its own then your liver will fail and you'll die (this may not be true) and it doesn't taste that nice, but if you mix it with another drink it's easier to stomach. That's why my favourite Ferengi episodes are the ones where they interact with the serious races, such as the Vorta. In this case mixing the Ferengi with the Klingons creates some good comedy, such as the Klingon High Council struggling to understand Quark's bookkeeping. It also allows us to see a lighter side of the Klingons while simultaneously seeing a more serious side to Quark.

Meanwhile, Keiko is forced to close the school and yearns for the exciting life of a botanist. This plot isn't great, but it still manages to be pleasant. One of the things that I like about DS9 is that there's a great sense of community to the station and the school played a part in that, so seeing the school close down and having Keiko leave the station to pursue her career shows us the impact that the Dominion threat is having on the community on DS9 and not just on the macro-political level.

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