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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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Yes, that is probably best, as it seems we have reached an impasse.


In the conclusion of the tale, 'A PIECE OF THE ACTION', it is revealed that DR. McCOY has left his communicator behind - and in BELA's office.

Knowing the Iotion's are a 'highly-imaginative and imitative people', coupled with the understanding of what the introduction of a single book did to their society, their apparent lack of ethics and morals, and most alarming - contained within the communicator is a piece of technology known as a 'TRANSTATOR', being the root technology for the entire basis of STARFLEET technology, - with the implication being, if opened and examined, the IOTION's will soon have Starships and Phasers !!!!

SO,... SISKO,... as Captain, do you just 'laugh it off and ignore' the situation as KIRK did,... or do you take action and recover the thing?
That's a great question, and it begs the further question which I think is the root problem here - why doesn't the Federation just help them out and give them the technology? The Prime Directive doesn't apply, as the Iotians are aware of space travel. In fact, not only are they aware, but it is implied that by studying the transtator, they could develop warp capability on their own! Also, they have already been "interfered with" by the Horizon. So the question is, why doesn't the Fed just send people to the planet to help the Iotians develop? Their natural abilities imply that they would be up to speed and members of the Federation in no time. On the surface, I don't see a moral problem with doing that, do you? So, if I'm Kirk, I leave the communicator, and I tell the Federation to get off their collective butts and get some people over there, because the Iotians are coming, like it or not.
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